How to Winterize a String Trimmer

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Kevin Gillis of TTI,one of the world’s largest manufacturers of outdoor power equipment, demonstrates how to winterize a string trimmer.

    Kevin Gillis: Hi! I am Kevin Gillis and today we are going to show you how to winterize your outdoor gas power tools. In this segment we will to show you how to winterize your Gas String Trimmer. The first thing you want to do when you are winterizing your gas string trimmer is you want to get rid of all the gas in the unit. So right now I have my gas can with funnel, loosen this out here then I put my funnel in. All we are going to do is we are going to loosen up our gas tank. Okay, there you go. What you want to do? You want to empty all the gas into a proofed container with your funnel just like that. Alright? Now once you have all the gas out of the unit, you will see that there is some residual gas in the primer bulb here. So what we are going to do? We are just going to tilt it over and I am just going to squeeze in our prime bob, we will see that little bit of gas come out and that will take all the gas out of the corroborator. Okay, now once we have removed all the gas and oil mix from the unit, we are going to want to try to start it just to get all that gas out of this. So I'm just going to put my cap back on a gas tank here. Okay, now you want to refer to your owner's manual for starting instructions, here I'm just going to set this in a start position and I give a few pulls. Now it makes sound like it wants to start but it will pull over because there is obviously no gas in there but that will just flush the unit out of all the gas. So I will just give it a few more. Okay, so now if there is no more gas, what we want to do? We want to add some two cycle oil to the unit, we know that there is no gas and oil and now we are going to add it through the spark plug port. So we are going to pull our spark plug out. I have my scrench right here, this takes a 13 /16" scrench to remove. You always want to refer to your owner's manual when you are removing a spark plug as they may have different sizes. I will have that on, I am going to pull my gloves off there, add the oil like two cycle oil right here. It is just going to take just a little bit, drop it in there, perfect. Couple of drops, alright? Now we know we have our have our spark plug out, let's take a look at it, we can check it out here. This one looks pretty good, we will just give it a brush up here, make sure that it is not a spoiled spark plug or that we need to replace. If we need to replace then we should go and get it definitely this season rather than next as you don't want that gap opening collecting dust and debris while it is sitting in your garage for a season. So I will just replace this spark plug. Tighten it down just so we can get that lock in up down there like washer. And that is the spark plug. And next we are going into our air filter. We definitely want to check this if air filter is dirty in anyway. Refer to your owner's manual, again there are different types of air filters. This one in particular has with a, it is a permanent air filter. Okay, it is just a permanent mesh filter here, I want to make sure that it is clean. If there was any dust and debris you can get yourself a brush and just wipe it off there.

    We also have a foam filter that they have shown off. This is dirty, you can take it inside, put it under some hot water and some soap and make sure it is fairly dry before you put it back in the unit. If it is too dirty or damaged, you can again go and replace it, you can throw it out and replace it at any home improvement warehouse. So I have looked at this, this looks pretty clean. So I'm just going to put this cover back on there. Okay, now that we are done winterizing our gas trimmer. Next we are going to winterize our Gas Chainsaw.