How to Wire a Computer

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jay Simenson of Valcom Computer demonstrates how to wire a computer.

    Jay Simenson: Hi, I am Jay from Valcom Computers and we are here building a computer today. In this clip we are going to wire it up. First thing we are going to do is connect the data cables to the DVD drive and the hard drives. Our old ATA drives used this type of cable a ribbon cable, our new Serial ATA cables use this skinny little red cable and both our DVD drive and hard drive are Serial ATA. So let's get those connected up. So let's install the data cable on the DVD drive. The cables are keyed so they can only go in one way. So I will take that and line them up and slide it on and then take the other end and then connect it to the motherboard. The SATA cables are numbered on the motherboard. We will connect this to SATA 1 and then the hard drive will be connected to SATA 0. That's the DVD drive connected. Now we will install the data cable for the hard drive. Line them up, slide it on there and then the hard drive goes to SATA 0, line that up and slide it on, and the hard drive is connected.

    Next we are going to connect the power cable to the motherboard. This power supply comes with a 20 pin plus an extra 4 pin and the motherboard does require that. So we need to connect that up. Then we will go ahead and mount that to the motherboard. Just line it up and firmly press that in until it clips in. Then we need -- also for this motherboard, requires an extra four pin power for power to the motherboard and that is on this side of the case. I am going to slide that in. Make sure we route these cables around off of the CPU fan and there the power for the motherboard is connected. We are going to install power to the DVD drive. So will grab the Serial ATA power connector and they are keyed so they can only go on one way. We have just got to work our way here and make the connection.

    Next, we will connect power to the hard drive. We will grab the power connector. This is an old four pin Molex power connector. Our hard drive is Serial ATA so we have these adapters we can hook up when we plug them together. Make sure the pins line up and we will grab them -- make sure the key line is up. Now we will install that to our hard drive. Once that's connected make sure the wires don't run into any fans or anything and maybe use some cables tiers to clean that up a little bit. If you are using an older ATA hard drive you will just use the Molex four pin connectors for the power. Next we will mount the side of the case on. I just got to line up the keys on the side and it will slide right in. I want to make sure we get them all seated correctly. Put your two screws on and your case is back together. Next we want to install the power cable. It only goes in one way, so just slide it in and make sure it's seated firmly in there, so we have good power. We are going to go in to install the video cable. This is a DVI video cable, the other kinds of cables are VGA. So we will hook this up. Make sure to screw down the video connectors firmly. Next our mouse and keyboard. This motherboard only has USB adapters for the mouse and keyboard. There are no PS2 ports, so these just slide right in and we have the connections done on the back of the computer and that wraps up building your computer. Next we will be looking at the BIOS to make sure all the settings are correct and we will install Windows and go surfing.