How to Yo-Yo

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Yo-yo expert Dick Stohr demonstrates how to yo-yo. The series covers tricks from the most basic to some more advanced moves.

    Dick Stohr

    Dick Stohr is That Yo-Yo Guy! He has been a full time yo-yo professional since 1997. He does the Spintastics all day teaching program Yo-Yo Fun & Science of Spin in elementary schools as well as libraries in the summer time in the Mid-Atlantic states. He also performs at parties, festivals, scout meetings, Trade Shows and other fun events. He has set six yo-yo World Records and has been a yo-yo contest judge at World, National, Regional, State and local contests since 1999. He started playing with yo-yos in elementary school in the 1950's. During High School and College it was not cool so he did not play much. Following a career in the US Navy and Navy Reserve plus positions of increasing responsibility in the civilian business world he quit his day job to become That Yo-Yo Guy. Any day that he gets to play with his yo-yos and other peoples kids must be a good day. Teaching the beginners has become his passion. He believes that kids are from 6 to 106 years old and all kids can have fun with a yo-yo if they get a good start and do not have to unlearn bad habits.

    Hi! I am Dick Stohr, I am That Yo-Yo Guy. I have been a yo-yo professional since 1997 when I quit my day job to do this full time because it's a lot more fun. I do the Spintastics, Yo-Yo Fun and Science of Spin Program in elementary schools and libraries in the Mid-Atlantic States. I have been elected to the Board of Directors of the American Yo-Yo Association since 1998, and I judge yo-yo contests at the Worlds, the Nationals, some of the Regionals, a lot of the Locals, and what I want to do today is teach you how to get started; how to do the yo-yo basics, how to start safely and properly, so that you don't have to unlearn bad habits when you are playing with -- getting started, and trying to go into the advanced tricks. So, what I want to do is start-off first of all with what is a yo-yo, how does it work, what is the string and how do we use the string to get the yo-yo to do the things we want it to do? Then we'll go into some of the non-sleeping tricks, then we'll go into some of the sleeping tricks, and maybe I will show you one or two advanced tricks just to whet your appetite to enjoy playing with a yo-yo.