How To Zest An Orange

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jim Davis from Harris Teeter demonstrates how to zest oranges.

    Jim Davis: Hi! I'm Jim Davis for Harris Teeter. Today I'm going to show you how to zest an orange. These are beautiful navel oranges. I'm using what's referred to as a microplane grater. This is a very fine grater. And all we do is we put it against the orange and peel just the orange portion off of that orange.

    That we don't want to get any of the flight that's under this orange. That's very bitter. The white part is very bitter. So we do it this way with the microplane. That's what our zest looks like.

    This is also a Microplane. Only this one is just a little coarser and it does the same thing. I wanted to take it off just a little bit bigger pieces. Again, we're not taking any of the white from underneath. We're taking just the yellow off of the orange.

    That is how you zest an orange. Up next, how to cut an orange.