Hula Dance – Little Brown Gal (Verse 2)

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Hula dance experts Kanekia and Makanani demonstrate how to dance to “Little Brown Gal,” a traditional Hula Dance song including how to dance to the second verse.

    Makanani Lyau: I am Makanani and this is Kanekia. We will be teaching you how to Hula to 'Little Brown Gal' and right now we are going to learn verse two. To begin verse two we will still continue with our basic Hula step, the Kaholo. The first line says 'It isn't Waikk', Waikk is a beach on the island of Oahu. So when you hear 'It isn't Waikk', you are going to put your left arm in front of your chest, right elbow is on top and you are going to be shaking no. Then you will be taking your arms out in front of you and move it from the left to the right which is the sand. Okay good. Now let's try one more time with the Kaholo. 'It isn't Waikk', good. The next line says 'nor Kamehameha's pali', pali means cliff. So when you take your two steps to the left, you are going to make the hand motion of a cliff.

    Ready let's try it 'nor Kamehameha's pali' good. Now we are going to go back to the right, what the next line says 'Nor the beach boys free', you are going to extend your arms and then bring them close to your chest good. Now let's try it one more time, ready 'Nor the beach boys free', good. And finally we are going to go back to the left with our Kaholo 'with their ho`omalimali', ho`omalimali means you do something in a hope that someone does something back for you. So in this hand motion you will extend and point your finger out and then point it back to yourself. Ready let's try it with the 'with their ho`omalimali', good. Now let's put it all together. Ready 'It isn't Waikk nor Kamehameha's pali Not the beach boys free with their ho`omalimali'. Now that we have learned verse two we will now learn verse two of 'Little Brown Gal'.