Hula Dance – Little Brown Gal (Verse 4)

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Hula dance experts Kanekia and Makanani demonstrate how to dance to “Little Brown Gal,” a traditional Hula Dance song including how to dance to the fourth verse.

    Makanani Lyau: Aloha. I am Makanani and this is Kanekia and today we are demonstrating how to Hula to 'Little Brown Gal' and right now we are going to teach you Verse Four. Throughout this whole verse we will just be doing the Kaholo and you will be starting to your right side. The first line says, I will be leaving soon. So you will be extending right hand near your right ear and your left hand will be extended out at a 45 degree angle and you will just slightly be waving your fingers goodbye, while you Kaholo to the right.

    Now let's try it. Ready? I will be leaving soon. Good. The next line says, And the thrill I will enjoy. For The thrill I will enjoy you take your arms and bring them back in because it's a thrill that you enjoy. The next line says, It is not the island moon. So, when you take your Kaholo to the right we will do the arms of the island. Ready? It is the island moon and finally nor the fish and the poi.

    You will take your hands, right hand on top of the left and you are making the hand motion of a fish, while you step two times to the left. Ready? For nor the fish and the poi and that is the Verse Four. Coming up next, we are going to teach how to put all the verses and chorus together for 'Little Brown Gal'.