“Hydranging” a Wedding Centerpiece

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Florist Rebecca Henry demonstrates hydranging a wedding centerpiece.

    Rebecca Henry: Hi, I am Rebecca, co-owner of Petal's Edge Floral Design in Alexandria, Virginia and today we are learning how to make wedding centerpieces. In this clip, we will be doing some hydranging. Hydranging is a term that we at Petal's Edge have come up with to describe how you might make a centerpiece using other flowers, in particular, Hydrangea, to hold up the arrangement and create a structure to put the arrangement together. This is probably the easiest of all the arrangements we are talking about today and it's really fun and quick.

    To start off, you will definitely need some hydrangea. So pick the color that suits your wedding the best. In this case, we are using white hydrangea, white ranunculus, white French tulips, some white roses and we will be accenting it with just a little bit of this blue Muscari it's called. First you need some water in your vase, fill that up, then we will take our hydrangea, clean off any leaves that are on it and you will want to cut it to, I don't know, about there you will see when it get it in the vase if it's about right and you will put it in there. You will need three pieces of hydrangea.

    Now the reason we use hydrangea for this arrangement and why we call it hydranging it's because hydrangea, if you look at the underside has these sort of like stems that branch off the main straight branch and because of that, if you stick another flower stem through it, it holds it in place like the glass beads did in the first arrangement we did. So we put that in to form our base and now, we just tuck it in there and now we have got a little dome of hydrangea.

    Once we start putting other flowers in here, those flowers will stay right in place because the hydrangea will hold it there. So we will do that with our roses. These are already cut to size mostly and we just stick them in, nest them among the the hydrangea. So then to finish it we have got this Muscari. So we will just put a little bit of touches of that in there and just sprinkle this, oops! broke one. Sprinkle this throughout the arrangement, bottom here and finally, we put this last one right here, okay and that's it. That's the whole arrangement, hydranging.

    Next, we will do an arrangement for a wedding centerpiece in floral foam.