Ice Cream Sundaes – How to Make a Super Banana Split

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Ice Cream expert Olivia Everson demonstrates how to make ice cream sundaes, specifically the super banana split.

    Olivia Everson: Hi, my name is Olivia Everson from Giffords Ice Cream & Candy Company. Today, I am going to show you how to make an ice cream sundae. Right now, we are going to make a Super Banana Split.

    Some things you will need will be a banana, ice cream, a scooper, almonds or peanuts of your choice, sauce such as hot fudge or butterscotch or chocolate sauce and for Super Banana Split, we are also going to need strawberry topping and pineapple topping.

    First thing we are going to do is take your banana and we want to cut the ends off, then put the banana away from you and peel the back part out. This is so we can have the bananas fit perfectly into our dish. We are going to cut the back of it all the way through and it won't go through the banana peel so don't worry about cutting yourself. Always be careful. We are going to place the banana into our bowl. So it fits perfect, peel off the banana.

    Next, we are going to scoop our ice cream. Now for the Super Banana Split, traditionally you have vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream and strawberry ice cream. If you cannot get all those flavors, you can use any type of ice cream of your choice, it's no big deal. Let's scoop these in here. It's always good to have nice round scoops of ice cream, your sundae will look a lot better. So nice and round.

    Now typically for the toppings of the Super Banana Split, the hot fudge is supposed to go on with vanilla, pineapples they are supposed to go on with chocolate and strawberry is supposed to go on with strawberry or you can put any topping on any ice cream flavor. I am going to do the hot fudge on the vanilla. I will sprinkle it all over. I am going to put the pineapples on the chocolate. The strawberries on the strawberry.

    Next, we want to put the nuts and sprinkle them all over each type of ice cream. Sprinkle these almonds all over. Now we are going to take the whipped cream, make sure you shake the whipped cream or it will come out kind of liquidy. I am going to place three whipped cream piles on each ice cream. I want to press it down firmly, so it doesn't spray out everywhere.

    Now to make it a little more presentable I am going to sprinkle hot fudge over the entire thing and we are going to put a cherry on each one. So we can pull and shake off the cherries, shake off the cherry juice so it doesn't get everywhere. You always want put the cherry with this step.

    Alright, that's our ice cream sundae. That's how you make a Super Banana Split.