Ice Hockey – Skate Forward and Backward Pumps in a Circle

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Gold medalist and Fitness trainer Geremi Weiss demonstrates how to skate forward and backward pumps in a circle.

    Geremi Weiss

    Geremi Weiss is a group exercise director for 4 Gold's Gyms in the northern Virginia area. Certified in many formats of exercise instruction, she also holds CPR, and AFAA certifications. Having been an international gold medalist in figure skating as a teenager, Geremi naturally turned to fitness as an adult. Her family owned 2 Gold's Gyms, where she acted as manager, GGX director, and top instructor. The whole family is into fitness, with a father and brother who are US Olympians, a sister who was an international diver; and Geremi's mom also runs group exercise programs for Gold's Gyms. Geremi's expertise in figure skating, hockey and fitness serve her well in her endeavors. She has taught many hockey teams the drills necessary for quick and effective maneuvering; and she currently instructs ice skaters and young hockey buffs at the Reston Skatequest. Her varied athletic background allow her to assist all levels of athletes, both on and off the ice.

    Hi, I am Geremi Weiss, Im an International gold medalist in figure skating for the US. Today were learning some basic hockey drills. Were going to be doing forward pumps in a circle. This is for the more beginner hockey skater who hasnt quite learned the basic of a crossover. So, it is circle drill and were going to just be focusing on our right foot. It can also be an advanced skill drill for some of the other hockey players who are more advanced, because it builds strength and power in the one leg. So, it can be for a beginner or an advanced hockey player. This is called forward pumps in a circle focusing on one leg. She is going to sink down low, Raya is doing an excellent job of staying low in her knees, just pushing with her right foot, staying on the inside edge with her right foot, staying on the outside edge with her left foot, and other side. Make sure when youre doing these drills you are even, balancing it out. If you work something with the right side on the circle, you want to make sure you work the left. Very good, speed it up a little bit, pushing left, pushing left, pushing left, thats it, excellent. She is going to stop for me, very nice, she did some forward pumps on a circle. Its called forward pumps on a circle focusing on the outside leg. This can be for a beginner or more advanced. For the beginner it teaches them how to start moving in a circle on the ice in a circle pattern. For the more advanced its going to strengthen their quadriceps and teach them how to push with just one leg. So, Raya here is going to do some backward pumps using just one foot. She is going to bend and sink on the leg thats frozen to the ground, her right leg does not pick up. Her left leg gives the movement, her right gives the support, excellent, and other side. Backward pushing with the outside leg, but its staying on an inside edge, good. Her left leg is frozen to the ground and just sliding. Her right leg is doing the work, she is going to feel a little quadricep burn, nice chest is lifted, perfect. This is a backward pump in a circle, it can be for beginners to learn how to do crossovers, it can be for advanced as a power drill.