Ice Hockey – Skate Inside Three Cross

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Gold medalist and Fitness trainer Geremi Weiss demonstrates how to skate inside three cross.

    Geremi Weiss

    Geremi Weiss is a group exercise director for 4 Gold's Gyms in the northern Virginia area. Certified in many formats of exercise instruction, she also holds CPR, and AFAA certifications. Having been an international gold medalist in figure skating as a teenager, Geremi naturally turned to fitness as an adult. Her family owned 2 Gold's Gyms, where she acted as manager, GGX director, and top instructor. The whole family is into fitness, with a father and brother who are US Olympians, a sister who was an international diver; and Geremi's mom also runs group exercise programs for Gold's Gyms. Geremi's expertise in figure skating, hockey and fitness serve her well in her endeavors. She has taught many hockey teams the drills necessary for quick and effective maneuvering; and she currently instructs ice skaters and young hockey buffs at the Reston Skatequest. Her varied athletic background allow her to assist all levels of athletes, both on and off the ice.

    Hi, I am Geremi Weiss, Im an International gold medalist in figure skating. Today were working on basic hockey drill. This is a more advanced hockey drill, you usually do it for about ten times around to the right in the circle, ten times around to the left. Its called an inside three cross. What it works on is quickness in the feet so that you can do any type of movement, thats why youre chasing the putt down. Raya (ph) today is going to do her right inside three turn cross for me on the circle. Inside three turn cross, good, arms are out for balance or theyre down, either one, either one. Good, keep going, keep going, inside three cross. Alright, now were going to try and speed it up a little bit. So, you got one, two, three, four, five, six, good and other way, excellent, left inside three, hands are up or down as you move, good, excellent. Left foot is doing the inside three, right foot is crossing over in front. Alright, now lets speed that up. One two, one two, one two, excellent. That is a basic hockey drill, a little bit more advanced than you might see some of the other drills, its called an inside three cross on a circle.