Ice Hockey – Skate Slalom Drills and Inside and Outside Edge Drills

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Gold medalist and Fitness trainer Geremi Weiss demonstrates slalom drills, inside and outside edge drills.

    Geremi Weiss

    Geremi Weiss is a group exercise director for 4 Gold's Gyms in the northern Virginia area. Certified in many formats of exercise instruction, she also holds CPR, and AFAA certifications. Having been an international gold medalist in figure skating as a teenager, Geremi naturally turned to fitness as an adult. Her family owned 2 Gold's Gyms, where she acted as manager, GGX director, and top instructor. The whole family is into fitness, with a father and brother who are US Olympians, a sister who was an international diver; and Geremi's mom also runs group exercise programs for Gold's Gyms. Geremi's expertise in figure skating, hockey and fitness serve her well in her endeavors. She has taught many hockey teams the drills necessary for quick and effective maneuvering; and she currently instructs ice skaters and young hockey buffs at the Reston Skatequest. Her varied athletic background allow her to assist all levels of athletes, both on and off the ice.

    Hi, I am Geremi Weiss, I am an International gold medalist in figure skating. Today were here and were going to learn some basic hockey drills. Today were going to be using Raya (ph), my student, and she is going to be showing us some skiing or sometimes we call them slalom. We do these again in a warm up, when youre warming up for a hockey lesson, just to get our body going and our knees bending. So, were going to show you skiing or slaloms. So, down-up motion with your knees kind of swinging and your arms side-to-side, twisting your shoulder against your hips, straight, go again, twisting, twisting, twisting, excellent. Down on the curve, up on the straight to change edges. You are using both inside and outside edges; one foot is on the inside edge, one foot is on the outside edge at the same time, good. Now, quicker and little; one two, one two, one two, there you go, excellent, perfect. That is called skiing or slalom, we do it about three or four times, sometimes you can do it all the way around the rink around two laps. This one is going to be called inside edges. It gets the hockey players used to really thinking down and lowering their center of gravity to the ice, and finding out what the inside edges are all about. So, Raya here is going to show us some inside edges today. Just alternating feet, coming down right, left, rotate your shoulders and hips, good, thats it. And again, inside edges, hips against shoulders, sinking down in the knees. Go one more time, really feel the edge leaning into the sides. Inside edges, twist your shoulders against your hips, down and up, down and up, down and up, you will do it naturally, there you go. Inside edges, we will do that about three or four times depending on the student; more basic, were doing them slower and more advanced skater we will do them faster and quicker. We do them about three or four times across the ice. Today I am here with Raya and she is going to show us some outside edges. Outside edges is something that hockey players have a little trouble with, so theyre going to be a little bit more difficult than the inside edges, but as we get a little bit better at them were going to learn how to really find our outside edges. So, Raya is going to show us about four times back and forth outside edges. Bring that leg all the way around and twist in, twist in, twist in, good, excellent, again, one, two, outside edge every time we change feet, nice outside edge, keep going for me. Really lean in to the edge and feel the foot fall to the ice from the ankle. Good, last round, outside edges. Crossing over in the center to change feet, finding that outside edge, and twisting into it, those are basic hockey drills called outside edges.