Identify Your Child’s Learning Style

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Valorie Burton for Focus on the Family discusses the three different learning styles and how to identify which one your child uses most.

    Valorie Burton: Not every child excels in the classroom. But if your child is struggling, the way they learn could be the reason. There are three basic learning styles and it's important to find out which style your child has.

    First there are the visual learners, who learn by looking and seeing. Traditional schooling is most dear towards the visual child. They love worksheets, books and they don't mind sitting still. Visual learners tend to excel in the classroom.

    Then there are auditory learners who learn by hearing and verbalizing. These children work best when someone takes the time to explain things. An auditory learner may read and entire chapter and struggle answering the written comprehension questions, but they could verbalize what was read.

    The third category kinesthetic learners can pose the biggest challenge. Kinesthetic learning involves action and these kids need a lot of it. They learn by touching and doing and taking a part. To make a kinesthetic learner sit still for hours and hours is setting them up for frustration and the teacher for trauma.

    Carefully, observing your child's learning behavior will help you understand their style. Watch for clues that show when your child gets it. Is it from reading, from explaining or from touching? Do they want to read or be read to? Do they express themselves by talking or doing?

    If your child is not a visual learner, he is probably going to need some extra help at home, either more verbal explanation for auditory learners or more hands-on instruction for wiggly ones.

    Remember, that you can't make your child be someone they are not. Instead embrace who they are and help them work to their best of their ability. Now that's getting a good grade in parenting.