Identifying Jean Washes

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Mauro Farinelli with the Denim Bar will teaching you how to pick up the perfect pair of jeans.

    Mauro Farinelli: Hi, my name is Mauro Farinelli with the Denim Bar, teaching you how to pick up the perfect pair of jeans. Right now I want to teach you about washes. There are basically two types of washes. There is a dry and a hard wash. The jeans I have in my hand are dry, a jeans have never been treated there is no washing, rinsing or anything done at the jean. It s that the jean at its rust form. Next, I have a hard wash; a hard wash is a jean that has been washed. There are many, many, many degrees of washing and color that I will touch with you briefly. Jeans go from raw to a one rinse which the jean has been rinsed ones, it s usually a 20 or 30 minute cold rinse. After that jeans get washed out and washed out through these giant wash machines, pummy stones and many, many different tools used to make you favorite jeans look the way they do. Some other things you might want to look for whiskering, which is through the crotch, the knee, behind the leg and that gives you that authentic kind of broken in natural crisp look. There is also other things called like localized abrasions. These are holes put in the jean on purpose by hand to give it that authentic vintage look. You can also do something like a darker more uniformed jean, where the scraping and the abrasions are non-existent, but there is just a shadow darkness to give it that uniformed look that people love been, that certain people look for specially if you are trying to wear your jeans to work. So, that s a little bit about the wash process and how the washing works in the jean world.

    So, next we will be discussing how to fit your perfect pair of jeans on a live female and male model.