Identifying Types of Jeans

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Mauro Farinelli with the Denim Bar will show you how to pick up a perfect pair of jeans.

    Mauro Farinelli: Hi, I am Mauro Farinelli with the Denim Bar and I am showing you how to pick up a perfect pair of jeans. Right now, we are going to discuss the different types of jeans. First we have a flare, a flare is a jean that flares out at the opening and it will start at a 23 inch opening. It can go wider to about a 27 before it s technically a Bell-Bottom.

    Next we have a Boot Cut; a Boot Cut is a smaller leg opening that it s over a boot. It is anything below it s from a 15 inch leg opening to a 22 inch leg opening. Then we have a True Straight Leg which is a straight leg and it is has a 14 inch leg opening. After the straight leg, we start getting into our skinnies, this is a technically a mild skinny at 12 inches or 13 inches the leg opening.

    Then we have your Micro Skinny, those peanut on type jeans that have a 12 and below inch leg opening. There are several all the types of jeans that we didn t see visually, we have a Jopper(ph) or Carrot Fit which is loose through the block and then tapers down a stovepipe which is a from the block down the same length and wide to that. Those who are basically all the other types of jeans. There might be some categories but, unless you are a true jean enthusiast you don t have to worry about it. Next we will be telling you a little bit about washes and what to look for in a wash.