If a school requires an interview, what should my child expect?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dean of Admissions Andrew Battaile discusses the proper etiquette your child should follow in an in-person interview at a private high school.

    Host: If a school requires an interview what should my child expect?

    Andrew Battaile: The interview is going to be your child first impression for an admission's officer. They should come in they should shake the person's hand, they should look them in the eye. They will be asked direct questions and they should be able to give direct answers. They should be truthful and usually the questions will be centered around why do you think you are qualified to come to this school? And why would you choose this school over others? What your child should do is they should be ready to brag and boast. They shouldnt be humble. This is their chance to shine.