If dating and finding a man is so difficult, why do we do it?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Relationship expert Gloria MacDonald discusses dating over 40, including why we even bother.

    Speaker: If dating and finding a man is so difficult, why do we do it?

    Gloria MacDonald: We just said that dating and finding a man really is difficult. Here the question is why do we put ourselves through all the agony of this whole process, really frankly for both men and women, because it's not like it's a piece of cake for man either. Although, lots of women think, oh, for men, it's just so easy because there are lots of great single females. Yes, there might be lots of great single females, but I still find men say to me the exact same things that women say to me. We don't hangout at bars anymore. All our friends are married, what do we do. So why do we put ourselves through this torture? Well, frankly it's because we have to. It's a biological imperative. We are just instinctively wired to be in relationships. We can't help it. It's the way human beings are wired and part of it comes from thousands of years of evolutionary psychology and just procreation of the species. So you say great, but you know, I am 50, I am 60, I am not going to be having children any longer. It doesn't matter it's still the way we were wired to keep the species going and that biological imperative, even when you get older and you are not going to have children, is still there as just part of that we are. So we have to look for mates. It's the way we were wired.