If I don’t get the amount I asked for, should I still accept the job?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Career counselor Karen Chopra discusses you should still accept the job if you don’t get the amount you asked for.

    Host: If I don't get the amount I asked for, should I still accept the job?

    Karen Chopra: When negotiating your job offer just to see if there is anything else on the table. Sometimes there is not anything else on the table; the company is small enough or the company has a policy of just making an offer and they offer the maximum that they have.

    So the purpose of a negotiation is not necessarily to always get more but it is to have the confidence that you have gotten everything on the table. So as long as they take your basic requirements and you are not feeling like you are somehow taking less money than you are really worth then go ahead and take an offer. Just say, thank you, I appreciate you're going through all of this with me. Based on the offer I would like to accept. And go ahead and take it; there is no shame in not getting everything that you want in the salary negotiation. Indeed, if you do a salary negotiation right, you should have overstretched a little bit that is to make sure that you have gotten that's on the table, you probably should have pushed for a little bit more than that's there. And then when they say, well this is the best we can do. Okay, good to know that's the best you can do. Then you can be really proud of yourself because you have decided to take a job and to negotiate before you accept it.