If my world is reporting back to me my thoughts, why am I not getting what I want?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Intuitive arts coach Will Maney explains why you might not be getting what you want even if your world is reporting back to your thoughts.

    Will Maney

    Will Maney, founder of The Ansible Group, has a background in Self Concept Theories and their role in the art of conscious-manifestation. A coach in the intuitive arts for over 20 years he offers insights into the development and implementation of intuitive strategies focusing on how to recognize and achieve what it is one truly wants. By eliminating faulty thinking based upon erroneous core beliefs, one produces a more authentic Self-Expression, with all aspects of human life benefiting from this process. At age 15 Will was electrocuted by a high-tension wire while climbing a tree which resulted in the loss of his left arm as well producing or enhancing some other phenomenological effects. It seemed to boost Will's intuitive abilities, among them the ability to read the emotional profiles of the people around him. This is useful for people seeking to reconcile the apparent conflicts between their external, conscious agendas and their true inner feeling nature. Will began working with private clients in 1988 after leaving his job as production manager for a semi-custom yacht builder in New England. He saw a need to integrate more of the whole individual into the workplace and established the practice of Intuitive Mediation where individuals are invited to produce more of their own creative capabilities. He realized that all individuals are carrying a gift that, if allowed permission, could ultimately be the solution to every scenario the workplace encountered. All that was required was a different perspective that came with management expecting to find the gift! An intuitive by nature, Will has made his way through life by helping others remember. To date he has conducted over 6,000 private sessions with individuals and he now sees his goal as simply giving people permission to remember who and what they truly are, and to assist with the integration of their inner-most gift, the truth of one’s Original Being, into their chosen life path. Coaching and guiding other individuals toward that inner place of knowing keeps Will actively participating in his own ‘original relationship’ and strengthens the link between the inner realm of knowing and outer world of manifested consequences. Clearing the clutter of false beliefs produces a more authentic Self-Expression, and all aspects of human life benefit from this process. Whether engaging one individually or addressing a management team or an entire company, the message is the same: we are responsible for our beliefs and thoughts that produce the circumstances of our lives. By changing the mind we use to engage the world, we can change our world of experience. Since all circumstances are ordered-up, a prudent approach is one where we accept responsibility for things appearing as they are now, while changing that which we invite to arrive in our future. One way to accomplish this is to consciously invite the already pre-existing network of support and choose to align with the memory of our Original Being so we can create that which we truly want now. To live a life without inviting one’s inner guidance is not only foolish but most often produces consequences that then need to be released through rather complicated measures. Saving time is the goal, and Will has developed certain techniques to guide the individual back to that place in mind where true choice exists.

    Host: If my world is reporting back to be my thoughts, why am not getting what I want?

    Will Maney: Well, so one of the things we want to take a look at it is perhaps the difference in how we look at what I want and what I need, and that is bigger topics than we can probably do very, very quickly. But, let me just run us on by you. Every single moment you are getting what you need. Now, depending upon if you have children or not they may disagree with that.

    But right now my body is getting oxygen; right now I am out of the bad weather. So, if we could accept the fact that I am constantly getting what I need, there is another whole level to peak at. I am getting what I need in order to get my attention and this is really what we want to talk about today. As far as getting what I want, I would dear say that, we aren t getting what we want. That is not an easy thing to run by people especially when they are upset, when they are upset, when they are hurt, when they have an accident and they lose an arm, when they do not get the scholarship, when we can go through the whole litany, okay and there will be immediate responses, I do not what you are talking about, I did not order this package and the biggest barrier we have in any kind of this work is to get the individual to realize three words that they never want to say and those three words are; I did this and it really takes a lot of time to get there because in our normal response we want to assign causality, we want to assign blame elsewhere. Its not because of me, it is because of the way that person looked at me or it is because I am too tall, too short. So, usually we have to do, I did this. Now, that undoes the trance that maintains the illusion.

    Now, that sounds simple but it is indeed, now this is not what I wanted or I did not order this package, then how could it be here? So, if you take a look at the amount of time we spend trying to prove that it is not our fault or how about this that I had nothing to do with this; this came out of the blue. That is the corner stone to this intuitive mediation that we work and then develop.

    It is absolutely a process because we have to strengthen that muscle. The moment that I fly off the handle, it is because I am going to try to prove that what just arrived in my life had nothing to do with me, I am innocent and that is the thing that, that is what keeps us engaged and here comes the trick. It keeps us engaged in behavioral pattern and not become habitual.

    Once something becomes habitual, it takes on a life of its own. Once it takes on a life of its own, it simply wants to survive. So, that is a bit more of an explanation but you can get what you know about.