If the restaurant can’t provide 100% proof that a meal is free of the allergen, should I eat it?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dr. Bob Gravani discusses what to do if the restaurant can’t provide a 100% proof that the meal free of the allergen.

    Host: If the restaurant can't provide a 100% proof that the meal free of th allergen, should I eat it?

    Bob Gravani: Well as a severely food allergic consumer you really want to reduce your risk of eating a food that might contain an offending allergen and I would suggest that if the consumer does not feel a level of trust, does not get a sense that the food service operation, the restaurant, the chefs and managers really have a good understanding of food allergen issues and the problem with cross contact, then I would not dine in that particular establishment. I would really want to be sure that the food I am eating is not containing this specific offending food that I have allergy to. 1