If there is no interview, then how does a school get to know my child?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dean of Admissions Andrew Battaile discusses alternative ways for you child to make an impression on the admissions staff if interviews are not required, including a compelling essay and a scheduled visit to the school.

    Host: If there is no interview, how does the school get to know my child?

    Andrew Battaile: At schools such as Gonzaga where we don't do interviews, we definitely still have ways to get to know your child beyond their grades and test scores. One way to do this is we ask the students to write an essay explaining why they want to come and letting us know why they want to be a part of our community and how they will make us a better school. That's one way we get to know them. Also if they visit we do need them in person first hand if they make an impression either positively or negatively that's something that we do note. So there are ways for us to get to know your son or your daughter, the interview is not always necessary.