If you just got out of a relationship, what should you do for Valentine’s Day?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Relationship expert Gloria MacDonald discusses how to make Valentine’s Day special and romantic for your significant other including what to do if you just got out of a relationship.

    Host: If you just got out of a relationship, what should you do for Valentine's Day?

    Gloria McDonald: We have talked about how this can be a tough day for singles and it can particularly tough for people if they have just gotten out of relationship, maybe they have just broken up with someone and they thought they would be spending Valentine's Day with that person, maybe they just have gone through a divorce and it is really tough because you are alone and you wonder, will you ever find someone again. I highly recommend that you take some time for yourself and just create a list of gratitude, all the things you are grateful for and write down all the areas in which you have love in your life and start thinking about accepting love in everyway it is shown to you. So, it can be little tiny things from someone buying you a cup of coffee and recognizing that they are valuing you as a human being because they bought you a cup of coffee or drink or if a total stranger opens the door for you, accept that and look at that as, you know what, that is an offering of love, it is an offering of someone else, the total stranger recognizing you as a valuable human being and not so that they are willing to open the door for you and allow you to go in first.

    Look for ways in which people, total strangers are showing love to you and look for ways in which there is love all around you from your family, from your friends, from pets, from your children, if you have children; but really take some time and write out a list of gratitude and recognize all the ways in which right now, today, you have incredible amounts of love in your life. I do not believe there is anyone on the face of the earth who has not experienced love, in some ways they perform in their life. So, spend sometime even think about a time in your life when you did feel incredibly loved, even if it was with that former partner. Really, sit with that feeling, feel comfortable with it, know the feeling, bring it back, recognize that feeling and know that that feeling is yours and you can have it again. So, make this a time of really appreciating yourself, recognizing all the wonderful qualities you have to give and realizing how valuable you are and being very open to accepting love in anyway it comes to you because it comes to each and everyone of us everyday in innumerable ways; but the question is, do we allow ourselves to see it and do we allow ourselves to accept it.