Improve Fuel Efficiency With Green Boating

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    BoatUS Foundation President Chris Edmonston discusses fuel handling tips for green boating.

    Chris Edmonston: Hi! My name is Chris Edmonston, and I am the President of The BoatUS Foundation. Boating is a great way to spend time on the water with friends, family or just to get away from it all. One thing nobody ever wants to see is fuel in the water. So today we're going to talk about safe fueling tips.

    The most important tip to remember is, simply knowing how much gasoline your boat holds. Since gasoline expands, you never want to fill more than 90% of the way full. So, don't try and top off. When you're fueling your boat, don't rely on hands free devices. Many mariner pumps have a much faster flow rate than the roadside cousins and will not shut off in time. You always want to use an absorbent pad at the nozzle and also at the vent if possible to prevent accidental spills.

    If you use a small portable gas can or jerry jug to fill your boat up, you want to fill those up on shore. And if you trailer your boat up, you need to remember that gasoline can ship when you're backing down the ramp, so you never want to overfill.

    One other thing to do is to keep your bilge clean and dry. Oil and grime can accumulate there. When combined with water, this can lead to an unintentional discharge by your bilge pump. One way to avoid that is to put an oil absorbent sock or pad in your bilge pump to soak up any dripped oil.

    So we've talked about how to safely fuel your boat, now let's talk about how to operate it efficiently. The best things you can do are to keep your engine tuned and your bottom clean. Some other things to do are to use the right propeller for your boat, reduce unnecessary weight and balance the load to allow the boat to plane quickly and finally find that sweet spot in your cruising speed, it will really help you save gas. Remember, by taking care of your fuel, you can help take care of our waterways.