Improve Home Security With Smart Lighting

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Laura Hubbard from the Consumer Electronics Association describes how lighting in a home is both functional and stylish but with a home automation system, it can also bring a greater level of safety, sophistication, and savings.

    Laura Hubbard: Lighting a home is both functional and stylish. As a basic feature, lighting provides visibility in and around your home, but when added to a programmable home automation system, lighting can bring a greater level of safety, sophistication and savings to you and your home.

    In a smart home an automated lighting control system is connected to other networked electronic to provide entertainment, security or energy savings. By crating one centralized network users can remotely access and control the lights and other electronics via any networked PC, tablet connected TV or smartphone.

    Lights motorized window shapes, speakers and video displays can be automated at the touch of a button to create a dark media room perfect to enjoy a movie or for a dinner party one touch can trigger a preset audio playlist, send the lights in the dining room and turn on exterior lights for arriving guests.

    An automated lighting control system is relatively affordable and an accessible option that can significantly enhance the safety enjoyment and savings within your home.

    When planning to build or upgrade your home, speak with a Custom Systems Integrator about installing an automated lighting control system.