Improve Your Bowling Game By Visualizing

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Randy Pedersen of Storm Bowling Products discusses the mental outlook of bowling including visualizing and why its important.

    Randy Petersen: Hi everybody! I'm Randy Peterson with Storm Bowling Products. And today we're going to be talking about a very important aspect of the mental game called visualization. Why is this important? Well, it helps with a number of things. It helps with pressure, it helps to stay focused, and it helps you keep your head in the game.

    What is visualization? Well, visualization is feeling and seeing and imagining certain things in your game, like ball motion, actually seeing the shape of the bowling ball as it's curving down the lane. Feeling, seeing your body motion, how many steps you're taking, the rhythm, the speed that your body is moving at. Feeling and visualizing all these movements, really helps to build a strong mental game.

    When you do your visualization? Well, never when you're up on your approach. We don't want any thinking going on once we step up and we're ready to deliver the bowling ball. All the visualization starts before you pick up your ball.

    Try visualization, I promise it will help make you a much better mental player and it will improve your overall game.