Improving Gas Mileage – Gas Saving Extras

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    AAA discusses how to balance your comfort with your budget, and get some tips to maximize your fuel efficiency.

    John Nielsen: Hi! I am John Nielsen with AAA Approved Auto Repair. We are all concerned about saving fuel and there is a lot of misconceptions about what will save fuel and what we can do to get the best economy.

    The first one is using a higher grade of gasoline to get better fuel economy. The truth is that using the grade of gasoline that your car was designed to use is the best way to save some money at the pump. So, look in your owner's manual and use the grade of gasoline that your manufacture recommends and that's your best way to save some money.

    The next is the difference between using the air-conditioning and keeping our windows down. Many people think that keeping your windows down is the best way to go and that might be a good idea around town, but on the highway, there is very little savings in keeping the windows down versus running the air conditioner.

    So, when you consider your comfort, it might be a good idea to keep the windows up, keep the air conditioner on. It won't be a big difference in what we pay at the pump.

    Finally, a myth that really isn't a myth is that keeping extra weight out of the car can save fuel. Look through your car, look through the trunk and take out those things that don't absolutely need to be there, maybe a set of golf clubs, maybe some magazines, fools, whatever. Keep them out of the back and we can pick up small increases in fuel economy. So, keep these tips in mind to help save some money at the pump.