Improving Gas Mileage – Vehicle Maintenance

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    AAA discusses tips to keep your car maintained in order to save at the pump.

    John Nielsen: Hi! I am John Nielsen with AAA Approved Auto Repair. We are all concerned about saving fuel and one of the great ways to do that is to properly maintain our vehicle.

    The first area we should take a look is our tires. Properly maintaining the air pressure in our tires can save gasoline and keep our car much safer. Now, one of the big misconceptions about tire pressure is where to find the right numbers. Well, looking on the sidewall of your tire is not right. The tire pressure listed on the sidewall of a tire gives you the maximum pressure. That's not where want to run.

    We want to open our owner's manual or we want to look right inside the driver side door and it will give us the exact pressure recommended by the manufacturer for our tires. Oftentimes, you will find that the front tires and the back tires had different air pressures listed. So, make sure we fill them up.

    When we check our tyres, we should check them when they are cold. It's important and we should check them at least once a month. Another consideration for best fuel economy is to watch the warning lights on your dashboard. There are a number of lights that can tell you that there is something that needs to be done with your car, but maybe one of the largest is the service engine light or maintenance required light on a dashboard.

    When this light comes on, it's telling you that the computer in the vehicle senses a problem and is definitely using too much gas. In fact, simply a defective oxygen sensor can use up to 40% more fuel than a well-maintained vehicle. So, if you see a warning light on your dash, get it into the repair shop as quickly as possible to get it repaired.

    Finally, maintaining your vehicle according to the manufacturer's recommendation is really important. Simply pull out your owner's manual. It will give you the information you need to maintain your vehicle in the best manner and get the maximum fuel economy. Following these maintenance tips will help you get the most fuel economy out of your car.