Improving Gas Mileage When Driving

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    AAA discusses how you can get the most out of a gallon while keeping your car in good shape.

    John Nielsen: Hi! I am John Nielsen with AAA Approved Auto Repair. We are all concerned about saving fuel and protecting the environment. There is a number of easy tips that you can use everyday to help get the most out of a gallon of gas and protect the environment while you're at it.

    The good news is there are several trips that everybody can do to make those changes. Simple things like properly maintaining our car, keeping the tires properly inflated. It can make a huge difference.

    Next is simply change the way we drive by slowing down a little bit. By accelerating a little bit more slowly can really improve the fuel economy of our vehicles with no extra cost.

    Also, planning your trip, making sure that we route properly that we don't run unnecessary distance can make a big difference in fuel economy. Then last, just getting some of the weight out of the car can make a difference. When you put all these things together, you really can save money at the pump and also do good things for the environment.