Improving Your Disc Golf Playing Ability

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Frisbee expert Tom Schot demonstrates how to improve your disc golf playing ability.


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    One of the things, you can do and you can do this at your house, you can do this anywhere. You want to improve your arm speed. Arm speed is really important on throwing the disc. You get the disc from here to here as fast as you can. What I have done. I have gotten some surgical tubing. . tThat hey comes in different colors. So you get the blue surgical tubing, that has got the right tensile strength, you can tie it to a door knobs, you can tie it to a tree. You can put it on your fender of your car. And then you just pull through like 20 rips at a time. The further you get back, the more tension you put on the tubing, the more you work your muscles.

    So that is a really good exercise before you are going to go out and play. You can be stretching your arm. aAlso, you want to stretch your hamstrings, you want to keep your legs stretched out, when you are playing because when you are driving and you need that extra power, you have got to be able to push off that back foot, you have to be able to have confidence in your legs. That you are going to be able to have a good footing when you throw.

    I want to thank you for watching this segment on disc golf. I hope you have learned something. I love this game. I know that you will find $8 and go buy a disc and go to the nearest course and you are going to have the same addiction that I have. Thank you very much. -#$(+^dhm~.

















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