In what areas of wedding flowers should I invest the most money?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Florist Gerry Rogers discusses the areas of wedding flowers you should invest the most money.

    Host: In what areas are wedding flowers, should I invest the most money?

    Gerry Rogers: When planning for your wedding flowers, the places you should invest the most money are the places that are going to appear in your photos the most. For example, the bride's bouquet and the places where your guest spend the greatest amount of time, the reception. So, your ceremony, even though it's in many ways the most important part of your day, is actually the shortest part of your day. So, even though you may have dreamed of a very elaborate arch and flowers, just littering the aisle, that maybe a place that you want to not go whole hog on if you are on a tight budget. On the other hand having a really pretty centerpiece on your table, even if it's just something simple and low as opposed to something dramatic and tall, will really make a difference for the overall feel of your event. It's also important when thinking about where to save to think about what is iterative. If you have eight Bridesmaids splurging on a really expensive flower, eight times adds up. The same thing if you are having twenty table centerpieces, splurging 20 times on a very expensive flower to include in your table centerpiece may not be worth it ultimately. On the other hand splurging on that one expensive flower that you have had heart set on in just your bride's bouquet is just one item and so it might be worth it there.