Increase Energy Savings With Low Flow Toilets

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Monique O’Grady with the Alliance to Save Energy discusses toilet features that can save water and money.

    Monique O'Grady: Flushing toilets represents over 30% of overall household water consumption. That's the largest percentage of water use in a home. But you don't need to flush away extra money because there are ways to save water and money in your bathroom.

    The oldest most inefficient toilets made before 1992 waste water. The average family of four with an old toilet will use around 26000 gallons of water per year. If they upgrade it to newer models they can save more than half their water use every year.

    Ultra low flush toilets are updated models that improve water efficiency by using 1.

    6 gallons of water or less per flush. With every person flushing average a five times a day, the savings add up.

    But there are models that save you even more. High efficiency toilets with the EPAs WaterSense Label have the best performance and save the most water. Toilets with the WaterSense Label must pass independent testing and receive certification.

    There are over 700 different types of high efficiency toilets on the market today. Also when buying a new toilet look for a dual-flush toilet which has a full flush and a half flush option. It uses even less water than a high efficiency model.

    You can also convert your old toilet to a dual-flush model with an easy kit available at some hardware stores, and they can be installed in just minutes.

    There are other ways to save water in older models, make sure the water isn't running after someone uses the toilet. Simple adjustments can fix the tank. Also, if there is a water line indicator in your toilet's tank, make sure the water is at or below the line when the toilet refills. If it is above the line, your toilet is wasting water.

    The best way to save water is buying a new toilet, but even simple fixes can save water in your home.