Increase Training Slowly After A Fitness Break

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness expert John Basedow discusses the importance of increasing your training slowly to avoid injuries.

    John Basedow: If you dropped your fitness routine during the winter months, spring is the perfect time to get back to work. After taking an extended break from training, it's important to increase your physical activities slowly to avoid an injury.

    Start with a few minutes of exercise and improve on it everyday. Low impact exercises and weight training are good places to start. You can easily hurt yourself if you do too much too fast.

    Like a rubber band that hasn't been stretched in a while, your stiff muscles need time to warm up to harder exercises. So take baby steps to avoid injury. It's easy to get frustrated with a new fitness program, but you'll do more damage if you lift more weight than you can handle or run yourself into exhaustion.

    To avoid repeating a seasonal fitness cycle, make exercise a part of your life. Do your cardio first thing in the morning. Keep exercise boredom at bay by joining exercise classes, participating in outdoor activities and working out with a friend.

    If you fell off your nutrition plan, get back to a natural diet. You'll keep excess fat from hiding your results and feed your body the proper fuel it needs. Start with one natural day a week to ease yourself in and remove any tempting junk food from your kitchen.

    It's never too late to get back in shape. Just minutes a day can improve physical fitness and before you know it, you'll be in better shape than ever.