Incredible Inline Skating Tips

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Expert skater, Krista Heubusch, demonstrates the basics of Inline Skating balance, strides and effective stopping.

    Female Speaker: Kheubusch and I will be demonstrating the primary skills of inline skating. First of all, the ready position, your knees are bent; your hands are in front of you. You have nice straight back, keeping your head up so you can watch where you are going. This is your most balanced position.

    Next, we will introduce you to the basic forward stride which is called stride one. We are focusing on three key steps; stroke, regroup and glide. Kheubusch is going to apply pressure on her left skate and that is going to be her support and she is going to do the action with her right, using the inside edge of the action skate.

    Next, she is going to regroup back at that ready position where as Kheubusch will be gliding and she will be stroking with the next skater, establish that support leg with the right, stroking with the left. Regrouping and glide, then you continue to alternate stroke, regroup, glide and that will be your stride one. There are three key steps to deducing your heel brake to do the skill that we call a heel stop. First of all you want to start in your ready position, scissor your braking skate forward. Next you are going to activate your heel brake by pulling up on your toe.

    And third you are going to lower your center of gravity to apply more pressure to that heel brake. We hope that you enjoy inline skating, and we encourage you to take a lesson with a certified instructor so you can master the basics safely and have a great time.