Indian Recipes – Adding the Chicken to the Masala

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Bhasin Balraj demonstrates how to make the Indian dish, Chicken Curry, including how to add the chicken to the masala.

    Bhasin: Hi I'm Bhasin and this is my wife Nicky. We are from the Bombay Curry Company in Alexandria. We also have the Delhi Club in Arlington, Virginia along with a friend of ours and we have been showing you how to make chicken curry. We have gone through numerous steps and come after browning the onions and making the masala, we are now ready to add the chicken and cook it till it's done. A good test of knowing when your masala is done that you will that the whole mass leaves the oil, the oil kind of separates and everything turns into a nice good smooth mass. That's a good indication and now I'm going to add the chicken and along with the yogurt.

    So far you saw that the color was kind of brownish, reddish brown and now when you add the yoghurt, you find that the light yellow, the turmeric color starts coming through. The rest of the marinade also goes right in. We are going to mix it all together. Stir it nicely. See the nice yellow color, it's beautiful. The color has come from the caramelized onions, the color from the spices, especially the cayenne and the turmeric and from the tomatoes and the blend of yogurt. Now, that we have added the chicken to our curry, to our masala, we are going to bring it to temperature on high heat and then reduce the heat to medium, put a lid on it and cook it, till it's, till the chicken is done. After that, we are going to move to the last step which is tasting our curry, correcting it's consistency and seeing if it is right for us.