Indian Recipes – Mixing the Parathas

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Bhasin Balraj demonstrates how to make the Indian dish, Parathas, including how to mix the parathas.

    Hi, my name is Bhasin and this is Nicky. We are from the Bombay Curry Company in Alexandria and we are showing you how to make parathas, a multilayered Indian bread. In this segment, we are going to show you how to knead the dough.

    She is going to dust it with little salt, a pinch of salt is enough or as per taste as much as you like and then she is going to add some water to it to make the dough. How much water do you need, just like every thing else in Indian cooking, I don t know.

    You need enough water to make nice, stiff, semi pliable dough. It should be not too soft, because if its too soft then it is going to stick to the rolling surface or the rolling pin and if its too hard some people don t like that, because then its difficult to roll. So, just use enough water to make a medium bodied dough.

    You want to knead it well and you want to make sure that it releases itself from the dish that it is been made in and it becomes a nice ball of dough. Then you want to give it a rest. Rest it for about 10-15 minutes to let all the gluten in it to work, let it do what it wants to do and then we are going to show you in the next segment how to make it into little balls, roll it and how to make its into a layered whole wheat flatbread called a paratha.