Indian Recipes – Preparing the Chicken

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Bhasin Balraj demonstrates how to make the Indian dish, Chicken Curry, including how to prepare the chicken.

    Bhasin: Hi I'm Bhasin and I'm showing you along with my wife Nicky who has deserted me for this segment, how to make that perfect chicken curry. And in this segment I'm going show you how to cut that perfect chicken. This here is the three-and-a-half pound chicken which we are going to cut. In India, chickens come whole and that's how we cook our chicken curry. The chicken curry is cooked on the bone, the chicken is cut up into pieces and then it is prepared. It is better because -- on the bone is better because it imparts more flavor, you get a much better stock and the chicken curry has great flavor. I'm going to put a little towel under my bowl because it's slipping a little bit. I don't want to chop my finger off and so here we go starting with the cutting up of the chicken curry, we are going to cut it up. You can also, if you like, use boneless chicken.

    If you like dark meat which is what I prefer, you can use boneless stock meat, some legs, or thighs we are blessed in America to get the chicken in it's various parts, so we don't have to deal with all the stuff that we don't really like and if you like chicken breast, you are welcome, feel free to use the chicken breast and we are going to cut up this chicken and split it. In India, they would each and every part including the back but here I'm going to not use the back and drop it. The chicken breast I'm going to cut into, I think, three pieces because you want the pieces to be good, you can make them as small or as big as you like, but however you cut the chicken will determine how you put the chicken in, in the curry and it will also determine how long it will take to cook. If you make it too small, sometimes it will disintegrate and you may have like a chicken paste instead of that perfect chicken curry.

    Okay, I think we have nearly got this chicken done and it looks good, it has a little fat and some other stuff to be trimmed which we are going to do right now and here we go with the last cut, two, this is done and I'm going to put this stuff away. And we are going to now marinate this chicken. We are going to marinate it in a little bit of yoghurt and what we have here is approximately three fourth to a cup of yoghurt and we are going to add some ginger and garlic paste to it and just kind of mush it around with your fingers, with your hands. This is done to kind of add a little flavor to the chicken, it's also done because the acid in the yogurt tends to break up the chicken. It's not important these days when all chicken are so nice and tender, but in the earlier days it had a lot of importance, you needed to marinate it at least three or four hours because what we were dealing with was free range birds and those can be some tough birds. Okay, one little thing, I do want to mention at this point about the ingredients is what we are telling you is the the ingredients which we are telling you will give you a good chicken curry, but the perfect chicken curry will always be to your taste. So, you will make it this way, the first time and the second time you put your signature on it. How you do it? Add a little more onion, add a little less onion, more onion will give you more onions and more tomatoes and little bit more yogurt will give you more gravy, more sauce. You can have the sauce thin or thick as you like. You can vary the degree of spices, every spice including the garam masala and everything to suit your own personal taste and you will actually make it the perfect chicken curry because it will be perfect just for you and now we are going to move on to the next step in which I'm going to show you how to saut or brown or caramelize these onions.