Indian Recipes – Roasting and Presenting the Paratha

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Bhasin Balraj demonstrates how to make the Indian dish, Parathas, including how to roast and present the final dish.

    Hi, I am Bhasin from the Bombay Curry Company, showing you how to do the parathas, a multilayered flatbread from India. I am showing you version two where we are going to finish cooking the paratha on an open flame. We had put it on the griddle to cook and what had happened was we had cooked it. We want it cooked, but we do not want to overcook it. Now, this is cooked perfectly and this is it, this is done. Now, I can just take this paratha. Now, this paratha is kind of half done, it needs a little more grease and a little finishing. But, if I do it like this, I can make a whole stack of them, I can freeze them, after I cool them I can freeze them. So then, when I need to eat a paratha, I do not have to make my dough, I do not have to make those stupid dough balls. I do not have to roll it, I am way ahead, I just take it out of the freezer and -- we will pretend it is out of the freezer and then I am going to just put it on an open flame.

    This is another way of doing it and we will roast it on an open flame. Some people like this paratha for two reasons. One, here you use a little less oil or little less fat, so that s good for people, also when you cook it over a open flame like that , what it does is, it gives it a slightly different charred flavor. In that flavor, it is desirable for some and that is exactly what it is. This is almost done. See the blistering we have finished cooking it. Now I have been doing this for a while. So I keep flipping it now, off and on without much of a problem, but when you are going to do it, I think you want to be careful, make sure you follow all the regulations in your area and also be very, very careful. You are playing with fire and it is important that you don t hurt yourself. Now see, it is all done very nicely done. Now here we are this paratha is done. Now I can serve this paratha, which was version two, two ways. Either I can serve it like this, crack it up like we cracked up the other one or add a slight hint of oil on it, not too much and then crack it up. Now watch, you see the layers in this, you see the layers, these are the layers, these are the layers that we are looking for.

    That brings us to an end of our paratha session. I hope you enjoy making them and happy eating and remember as I say every time, time and again Indian food is never a problem. It s always what you do, it s all as per your taste, you do it the way you want you are never wrong, you are always right.