Indian Recipes – Rolling Out the Parathas

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Bhasin Balraj demonstrates how to make the Indian dish, Parathas, including how to roll out the parathas.

    Hi, I am Bahsin, I am from the Bombay Curry Company an Indian Restaurant in Alexandria and I am showing you how to make some multilayered whole wheat bread, flatbread called a paratha.

    We showed you how to make the dough and now we are going to show you how to roll the paratha, how to roll it. For that, we are going to make a ball, its going to be slightly larger than a golf ball and we are going to apply some flour to it and then we are going to roll it.

    It does not matter how thick or thin you roll it, just roll it to approximately in the six to eight inch disk. It can go little wonky if you like, it does not matter and to this, we are going to apply a little oil. After we have spread the oil all over, we are going to dust it with flour, this is whole wheat flour which I am using and dust it generously. Here we go and now we need a knife and from the center you can make a little cut like this, all the way to side and then you can start rolling it to form a cone, just keep rolling it like that and you form a cone. Once the cone is formed, then you hold it from the top, hold the bottom in your other palm and just press it down. Push it down like this, add a little flour and set it to rest for a few minutes.

    Shall we make another one? You can use a slightly different technique in making the other one. We are going to make the ball and we are going to dust it with some flour, so that it does not stick to the surface. Flatten it a little bit and in this case, we are going to stretch it long.

    Both the techniques are right, both will give you nice layers. In this case now we have stretched it long. Again, we shall apply oil to it and dust it generously and now we will fold it like a fan, you remember that fan? Hold it like that and then we will roll it like a little snake and the little end, you tuck it underneath. I am going to dust a little more with flour and rest it for a few minutes. After it has rested for a few minutes, I am going to show you how to roll it and how to make your, how to cook your paratha.