Indoor Cycle – Dismounted Cooldown

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness expert Laurie Granger demonstrates cooling down and stretching from the waist down after a hard workout.

    Laurie Granger: Hello, my name is Laurie Granger. Today, we are talking about riding an indoor stationery bike.

    Lets talk about cooling down and stretching from the waist down after a hard workout. Now, carefully get out of your cringes or your clips, come to one side of your bike, and lets work on further stretches in our legs.

    Our hips are tired, they are sour, use this opportunity to stretch through your hip flexor. You can come down on one knee or stay standing, but sink forward, our belly lifts off our hips. Feel free to bring whatever knee is down, lift that arm, relax our shoulders and gently exhale over the back of our head.

    Now, from this stretch, I prefer to stay at the same leg, bring that back heel over my front knee and have patience with your muscles, as they fiddle into the stretch. Make sure you can wiggle your toes of your standing foot, so that your weight is back in your heel and not forward into your knee. Continue lifting your chest and sinking your backside down, great. Alright, lets switch legs, opposite knee comes down. Again, you can be on the ground, you can be just pushing your hips forward, lengthen that arm of whatever leg is down, and gently relax it over the back of your head. Allow your breath to move into your hip, and so stretch it out from here.

    Some additional stretches we may want to try. Take one leg behind, whatever leg goes behind, the opposite arm comes down. Lift up and look right inside your elbow, feel that nice side stretch, and exhale as you windmill up.

    Now, my opposite leg is coming around, opposite arm comes down. Take it on up, get a nice stretch. Lets release our lower back. Come up on our toes, lift your chest, lift your chin, drop your forehead back, release your lower back, get a nice exhale while you are up here.

    Then one final stretch. Pushing back in your heels, opening up your chest, you should be able to wiggle your toes, feeling a nice stretch down through your legs, and there we have it. Hope you enjoyed it. Make sure you drink some water, and thats how we ride an indoor stationery bike.