Indoor Cycle – Mounted Cool Down

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness expert Laurie Granger demonstrates how to cool down.

    Hello, my name is Laurie Granger and today we are talking about how to ride an indoor stationery bike. Right now, we are going to talk about our cool down. We have climbed our hills. We have sprinted the flats. We have done some inner balls up and down, so we begin to slow our legs down. We take some resistance off the bike; make sure to keep a flat road beneath your feet at all times. Allow your heart rate an opportunity to slow down. Keep your spine nice and long, and once we have slowed those legs down, flush them out a bit, then we will sit it up. From here, a couple of a nice shoulder rolls, think about a nice long spine, lift your belly off your hips, roll your shoulders, stretch out your back muscles, your shoulder muscles, bring your chin to your chest, keep your legs nice and slow, workout our deltoids, our chest muscles. Even though we dont use our triceps and our biceps and our shoulders when we ride, we are actually keeping them, use somewhat to keep control. So, make sure we stretch them out, slowing our breathing, cooling our core, nice and easy. One of my favorite stretches is to slow your legs down, bring one leg to the top of your paddle stroke, the other to your bottom. Keep your hips square on the bike, take one hand over your top leg, your back arm over the back of seat, lift through your torso and revolve. Use your abdominals to protect your vertebrae, but really stretch out. Get a nice spinal twist, make sure every stretch you do, you do it on both sides. After we are done, stretching our upper body, relaxing our neck, doing a few head circles, go back the other way. Now, lets stretch out our legs. One of my favorite stretches from this point, once we have cooled and stretched our upper body, keep a little bit of resistance on your bike. Take your hands forward; bring your body weight back, so your backside is over the back of the saddle. Now, your front leg, feel that hamstring lengthen out. Bring your navel to your spine, allow your chest to fall over the bars, and your backside pushes back. Tailbone is back, belly is on, chest is down, get that nice long stretch, release from that stretch before moving on to the other side. Push it back, turn your abdominals on, and let that hamstring lengthen back out. Another good stretch from this position would be to lengthen our calf muscles. We have used them by kicking our toes forward, that shortens up that muscle. So, lets stretch it out. Bring your body weight back slightly, and let the back heel drop. Now, that body weight drops over that back heel, and we lengthen that hamstring, calf muscle back out. Relax from that stretch before moving on to the other side, lets avoid any crimps. Push that heel down; keep your upper body relaxed. Now, we are going to get off the bike, and continue stretching out below the waist.