Indoor Cycle – Standing Hill Climb

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness expert Laurie Granger demonstrates how to do the standing hill climb on an indoor stationary cycle.

    Laurie Granger: Hello, my name is Laurie Granger. Today, we are talking about how to ride an indoor stationery bike. Right now, we are going to talk about a standing hill climb. Assume we are moving from a seated climb position. There is enough resistance on your bike, so you feel the need to push your heels down, adjust a touch more, reach your hands out long, wrap your hands around the edge, the end of the bars. Keep your hips over the nose of the saddle.

    The resistance will keep your hips balanced over the nose of the saddle and your chest up and your shoulders down. If you find that you are feeling pain in your knees, add a little bit more load, and push those hips back. Our hands stay wrapped around the handle bars, but they are light. The work, the strength is in our backside. Try not to dance your hips from one side or the other, stay balanced over that nose, keep your shoulders quiet. Your abdominals are on and lets get up that hill.

    If you would like to more into an attack up the hill, then bring your body weight slightly forward to the tip of the nose. Put more of the focus in your quadriceps, and increase that calorie burn. Everything else stays the same, hands are light, chest is lifted, take your gaze over the flywheel, and thats how we climb in a standing hill climb. Lets move on.