Indoor Cycle – Warming Up

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness expert Laurie Granger demonstrates how to warm up for a ride on an indoor stationery bike.

    Hello, my name is Laurie Granger. Today we are talking about how to ride an indoor stationery bike. Right now, we are going to talk about warming up on that indoor bike. We want to have a nice relaxed upper body, tip from your hip flexures and find a flat road. To do so, use the resistance knob on your bike. Continue turning that until you feel pressure in the front of your knees as you kick your toes forward or in the balls of your feet. Lets keep a nice, relaxed upper body. Our elbows stay soft, chest is lifted and our shoulders are down and back. Your backside stays on the back of the seat and your abdominal muscles are turned on. When we paddle on an indoor bike, focus as if your legs were hands on the clock, you want to kick your toes forward to 3 oclock and pull your heels back towards 9 oclock. So, nice round circles, not up and down circles. As you add speed to the bike, add some resistance to the bike. Our warm up is about warming up our lower body or quadriceps, our gluteus hamstrings and hip flexures. Get our heart rate going and get ready for the ride ahead. As you increase that speed, increase the resistance, and begin to push forward. Alright, lets move on.