Infant Drowning Prevention

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dr. Jamie Freishtat, a pediatrician from Safe Kids USA, discusses ways to make sure your baby is safe around water in your home.

    Jamie A. Freishstat: Hi! I'm Dr. Jamie A. Freishstat, a pediatrician from Safe Kids USA. Today I'm discussing general infant safety tips in the home.

    Now I'm going to move on to drowning prevention for infants. Let's start with tips in the bathroom, never leave a child of any age in the bathroom alone or under the supervision of an older child. Adult supervision is must at all times, keep in mind, children can drown in less than an inch of water.

    Always keep toilet lid shut and use toilet locks, always be sure to completely drain the water from the bath tub when done, and close all doors when leaving the bathroom. For extra protection use door knob covers. Remember, baby bath seats should never be a substitute for adult supervision.

    Next, let's talk about drowning prevention tips around the home. Never leave a baby or child alone near or in any water. Empty all buckets, containers, wadding pools or anything that can contain water after use, and stored upside down, locked up, and out of range.

    Lastly adult supervision is a must in preventing drowning, there were some tips on drowning prevention in infants.