Infant Fall Prevention

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dr. Jamie Freishtat, a pediatrician from Safe Kids USA, discusses ways to make your home more safe for your baby to prevent falls.

    Jamie A. Freishstat: Hi! I'm Dr. Jamie A. Freishstat, a pediatrician from Safe Kids USA. Today I'm discussing infant safety tips in the home.

    Now let's talk about preventing falls in infants. Be sure to move chairs, cribs and all furniture far away from windows, preferably to a windowless wall. Be sure to secure all furniture, such as bookshelves, almirahs and televisions to the walls with furniture straps or brackets. In a baby's room, there should not be any furniture near the crib, which could be use as a way for an older child to get into the crib or for the baby as he becomes more mobile, to get out of the Crib. Put a carpet or rug by the crib, just in case if the baby falls out, and windows above the first floor, install Windows stops to keep windows from opening no more than 4 inches or window guards to help prevent falls.

    Be sure the guard and stops on the sixth floor and below have emergency release devices, which can be opened easily, quickly and without any accessories. Find adult or older child in the event of an emergency. In addition to prevent falls, keep all furniture away from windows, keep windows locked and closed. If necessary to open windows, do so from the top, and constant adult supervision is a must. Remember screen keep bugs out but they don't keep kids in.

    Safety gates are a must at the bottom and top of all staircases. Hardware mounted gates that are bolted to the wall are very important to use. Always use the straps on highchairs, strollers, bouncy seat and swings. Never use walkers these can lead to serious injuries, instead, consider safer options, such as a stationary play center. When you're in the bathroom be sure you use nonskid rugs and nonskid strips when you're in the bath tub to prevent falls.

    These were some tips on preventing falls in infants.