Infant Massage – Arms

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Massage expert Linda Storm provides tips on how to massage an infant arm.

    Linda Storm: Hi, I am Linda Storm, Executive Director Infant Massage USA. Today we are learning infant massage basis and we are going to started now on strokes for the arms. To get started, we do class that we had said before. Check with your baby to see if they would like to continue massage, look to see their response.

    Now we are going to ask if they like to have a massage by taking some oil in our hand, squishing our hands together and then show your baby your hands. Now take your hands and take one arm and just rest your hands on your baby's arm to help your baby relax.

    Now hold one wrist and take your other hand and come from the shoulder to the wrist, switch hands, bring the other hand from the shoulder to the wrist, just the hand over hand, gently doing as Indian milking from the shoulder to the wrist. Don't go too fast, it might be over stimulating but you do want to have some pressure. A light stroke will be a tickle. So do have some pressure as you are gliding from the shoulder to the wrist, hand over hand.

    Now we are gently going to open that hand with your thumbs, just gently massaging the palm a little bit and that and then we are going to do each to their little finger, one, two; buckle my shoe, three, four; shut the door, five, six; pick up sticks, seven, eight; lay them straight, nine, ten; let's do it again. Good job!

    Now we are going to hold the wrist and go from the wrist toward the shoulder. As you go down the shoulder, just tickle gently, glide over the outside of the shoulder and on the inside, gently glide down, remember to have enough pressure, just gliding and watch your baby and you will see how they are enjoying it. Is he glaring at you. How precious? Good job!

    Now that we have finished those strokes, we are going to repeat those strokes on the other arm. Once we have finished that arm, we just gently want to touch hands on both arms and let them feel that they have had both arms massaged. They feel so nice and soft. Good job.

    Now that we have finished the arms, we are going to go on to the back.