Infant Massage – Back

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Massage expert Linda Storm provides tips on how to massage an infant back.

    Linda Storm: Hi! I am Linda Storm, Executive Director at Infant Massage USA. Today we are talking about infant massage basics, and now we are going to do some strokes for your baby's back. Many babies spent so much time on their back that they feel uncomfortable while on their tummy. This is a way to comfort your baby and soothe them while they are spending time on their tummy. So we are going to check in with your baby, and we are going to do class to get started. So check to see if they are willing in that quiet alert state. Look to see if they are ready. Now we are going to ask by squishing a little bit of oil in our hands, showing your hands to your baby. Now gently just rest your hands on your babies back. Let your baby adjust for a moment, and remember for you, take your breath and relax. Now we are just going to take their hands back and forth from the shoulders down to the bottom, gently repeating back and forth. Once you get to the bottom, gently go back up, remember you do want to have some pressure, just go slowly and enjoy this time. Your baby will enjoy it too.

    Your baby can also have this massage whether they are standing, or you have got them on your shoulder, different positions can work. Now that we've done the back and forth will going to swoop. Put one hand at your baby's bottom, the other hand at the shoulders. Now gently swoop from the shoulder down to the bottom, nice job. Feels so wonderful as you glide your hand down the back. You can extend that, and add your baby's legs by holding his ankles. Now you can hold the ankles and extend that swoop, one hand from his shoulder down the back, pass the bottom, down to the ankles, your baby is feeling how long and tall he is. Now we'll finish with a few circles all over the back, careful not to put pressure on his spine. Slow down one side, back up the other. Oh, he is enjoying that so much. Good job, wonderful! Now that you are done, just rest your hands on their back, pick them up, give him up a cuddle, and thank them for a wonderful time together. And thank you for watching this video. We hope you'll search for a class to learn more of the many benefits of infant massage, and find an educator to help guide your process.