Infant Massage – Tummy

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Massage expert Linda Storm provides tips on how to massage an infant tummy.

    Linda Storm: Hi! I am Linda Storm Executive Director Infant Massage USA. Now we are going to do the tummy strokes. Are you ready? We are going to check in, like we did last time with class, take a little oil in your hands, squish your hands together, ask your baby if they would like to have their massage and show them your hands. Now gently rest your hands on your baby's tummy, help the baby just warm up and let them know this is where we would like to do this. Now press your hand, across your baby, bring that hand down towards the top of the leg and then let the other hand follow. This is a water wheel, just hand over hand, you do want to press in, a light stroke will be tickle so you do press in a little bit on the tummy, hand over hand, gently see how your baby is enjoying that. You can also then extend this water wheel by holding your babies ankles, hold the ankles and then with one hand, do that same swooping stroke. We are just changing the angle of your baby's hip, don't go too fast, remember we are trying to move material through this tummy. It might not be a surprise if you start hearing some little sound coming out or maybe even some new smells.

    Next we are going to do, I love you. To do this, I am going to explain it from the parents' view on to the baby's tummy. So from your right side, come below the baby's chest, doing I, below the chest to the top of the right leg, the baby sees an I, do that a could of times. Now come across to your baby's belly, under the rib cage, just around that belly bottom, come across and down to the top of the right leg, your baby sees an L. Now we are going to start at the top of the left leg, come up across and down, your baby is going to see at u. So now let's do that again. I Love You. How fun. Let's do that I more time. I Love You, good job. Now we will just our hands on the belly and let your baby know that we are done with that part.

    So we have just finished a couple of the tummy strokes. Next we are going to do your baby's arms.