Infant Poison Prevention

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dr. Jamie Freishtat, a pediatrician from Safe Kids USA, shows how to keep poisonous substances in your home far away from your baby.

    Jamie A. Freishstat: Hi! I'm Dr. Jamie A. Freishstat, a pediatrician from Safe Kids USA. Today I'm talking about general infant safety tips. And right now I'm going to be discussing poison prevention.

    Let's first focus on medications. Be sure to store all medication high up out of reach and sight of children, locked up. Never give a medication to a child which was not prescribed to him. Always use appropriate measuring devices to avoid dosing errors. Keep all medicine in its original child resistance containers, always read and follow the directions, if you've any questions call the doctor. Never refer to medication as candy.

    If you're child is staying some place other than home, be sure all medications and all dangerous products are stored up high out of reach insight of children and locked up there as well.

    Next, let's move on to household products, these can be extremely dangerous. Please keep all household cleaning products and all hazardous materials in there original containers, high up, out of reach insight of children and locked up at all times.

    Be sure to use cabinet locks on all cabinets and doors in the home. Learn the number for poisoning control and have it near every phone. 1-800-222-1222. Next is carbon monoxide, this gas is odorless, tasteless and invisible, so carbon monoxide detectors are very important to help detect its presence. Be sure there are working carbon monoxide alarms and every floor of the home, and outside every sleeping area. Carbon monoxide alarm should be tested monthly and batteries replaced at least once a year.

    There are some ways to help prevent carbon monoxide build up in the first place. For example, be sure to have all heating appliances and equipment routinely inspected; be sure the fire place inspected regularly and only use these in well ventilated areas.

    I hope these tips on general infant safety help keep your family safe. Remember, a safe kid is a happy kid, and child proofing is one very important part of keeping your child safe.