Inline Skating – Heel Stop

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Inline Skating instructor Krista Heubusch demonstrates how to heel stop when inline skating.

    Krista Heubusch: Hi, I am Krista with Skater's Quest and I am here to introduce you to the basics of inline skating. Chuck will actually demonstrate the heel stop. There are three key steps to be using your heel brake to do the skill that we call the heel stop.

    First of all you want to start in your ready position, with your knees bent, your hands in front and nice straight back and your head up so that you can watch where you are going and show up your smile. The first step to using the heel stop is to scissor your braking skate forward.

    Next, you are going to activate your heel brake. In this case by pulling up on your toe and third you are going to lower your center of gravity to apply more pressure to that heel brake. So the three steps are, you are going to start in your ready position, scissor your braking skate forward, activate your heel brake and lower your center of gravity. That was a heel stop.

    Next, we will teach you how to turn with the A-Frame Turn when inline skating.