Inline Skating – Safety Gear and Standing After a Fall

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Inline Skating instructor Krista Heubusch discusses inline skating, safety gear and standing after a fall.

    Krista Heubusch: Hi, I am Krista with Skater's Quest and I am here to teach you the basics of inline skating. Carol will be helping me to introduce you to your protective equipments and also to show you how to stand up safely in the event that you do fall. First of all you need to make sure to wear an inline skating helmet. Nice and securely so that it is not wobbling around. We don't want it to fall off at any time.

    Next, it's important to wear your wrist guard. In here these wrist guards, they are going to help you in case you fall so that you will slide on the pavement. We also have knee pads which will protect your knee caps and your elbow pads to protect your elbows. In the event that you do fall try and fall forward so that you can use your protected gear. Keep those finger tips and the chin up.

    If you need to stand up, you will need to put your hands on the ground and then lift one skate at a time while establishing your balance and when you feel steady, slowly stand up. It's best if you put your heels together just in case so that you don't roll.

    So now we have introduced you to your protective equipments for inline skating. Next, we will introduce you to the four primary skills of inline skating.