Inline Skating – Stride 1

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Inline Skating instructor Krista Heubusch demonstrates how to inline skate with stride 1.

    Krista Heubusch: Hi, I am Krista with Skater's Quest. I am here to introduce you to the basics of inline skating. Orimbo and I will be showing you stride one. Stride one is your basic forward stride. We are focusing on three key steps stroke, regroup and glide.

    First, we are going to go through some static exercises specifically focusing on the stroke. What Orimbo is going to do first is stand in a V stance and apply pressure to her skate so that she can apply that friction on to the pavement. So what she is going to do within that V stance is march up and down to apply pressure to each of the skates that are on the ground.

    Next, we are going to establish a support leg and an action leg. So Orimbo is going to apply pressure on her left skate and that's going to be her support and she is going to do the action with her right. Using the inside edge of the action skate. Next, she is going to regroup back to that ready position where as we are moving we will be gliding and now she will be stroking with the next skate. Establish that support leg with the right, stroking with the left, regrouping and glide. Then you continue to alternate stroke, regroup, glide and that will be your Stride One.

    So that was Stride One. Next, we will show you how to use your heel brake to stop. We call that the heel stop in inline skating.